Preschool I and II: An enjoyable introduction to the world of dance. Your toddler will learn the basics of ballet and tap in an enjoyable preschool atmosphere. Class length: 45 minutes.

Kinderdance: This secondary level class will consist of a continuation ballet and tap and introduce the basics of jazz. Class length: 1 hour.

Combodance: A follow-up to Kinderdance teaching the next level of ballet, tap and jazz. Perfect for the first and/or second grade student. Class length: 1 hour.

Hip-Hop: Fun with Spunk! Learn the latest moves as seen in music videos and concerts to your favorite pop music. Perfect for the recreational dancer. Class length: 1 hour.

Jazz / Tap Combination Classes: An intermediate level class that teaches the continuing techniques of jazz and tap. Perfect for any level dancer. Class length: 1.5 hours.

Ballet: Poise, posture and classical training. This class teaches the timeless technique and foundation of all dance forms. Class length: 1 hour.

Lyric: A contemporary style of dance that combines the techniques of Ballet and Jazz. Ballet is a requirement for this class. Class length: 1 hour.

For the more serious dancer: The Intensive - Competitive Dance Program. This is by invitation and/or audition only. Click here.