Studio Information...

Studio Rules
  • Dancers must adhere to dress codes
  • No dangling jewelry
  • Hair must be pulled back into a bun or ponytail
  • No gum chewing in the studios or waiting areas
  • No food in the studios
  • No street shoes on studio floors
  • Dance shoes are not to be worn outside the studio
  • Dancers should be on time for class
  • Dancers must show respect to their classmates and teachers
  • Dancers must maintain a positive attitude in class
  • All videos and pictures taken within the dance studio or any of its performances are property of Liza Indiciani Studio of Dance. These items may be used for promotional and marketing purposes.
  • The back door is for drop-off and pick-up only. Parents wishing to use the reception area must enter through the front door 115D.

Dress Code and Shoes
  • Preschool and Kinderdance: Pink leotards, pink tights, pink ballet slippers and white baby taps.
  • Combodance: Black leotards, pink tights, pink ballet slippers and white baby taps.
  • Hip-Hop: All black dance wear such as: black leotards, black tank tops, black dance shorts, black dance pants, etc. (no street clothes) and black split-sole dance sneakers.
  • Jazz / Tap Combination: Black leotards and tan tights. Warm-ups are at teachers discretion. 7 - 9 and 9 - 11 years: Tan Gore boots, tan tie tap shoes. 11 - 13 and 14 and up: Black Gore boots, black tie tap shoes.
  • Ballet: Black leotards and pink tights, pink leather ballet shoes, hair pulled back in a bun. Warm-ups are at teachers discretion.
  • Lyric: Black leotards, pink convertible tights, black dance shorts or black skirts. Theatricals #8940 Lyric shoe.

Tuition Policies and Fees
    All tuition is based on a nine month program (September - May). Tuition is divided into three tri-annual payments:
  • 1st payment is due at registration, as well as a registration fee of $15 per child or $25 per family. This fee is non-refundable.
  • 2nd payment is due December 1st
  • 3rd payment is due March 1st
  • A $20 late fee will be charged for overdue balances.
  • Children will not be allowed to take their class if they hold an overdue balance.
  • There is a $25 returned check fee.
  • The studio must be contacted via phone or email for any withdrawals from class. Partial refunds will be given to withdrawals prior to the 15th of each month. From the 15th and on, any remaining tuition for the month is non-refundable.
  • No refunds for absences or cancelled classes due to holidays and/or weather.
  • Minimum enrollment of six dancers per class.

Recreation Dance Tri-Annual Payments (based on hours per week)
  • 45 minutes - $155
  • 1 hour - $165
  • 1.5 hours - $235
  • 2 hours - $305
  • 2.5 hours - $365
  • 3 hours - $435
  • 3.5 hours - $485
  • 4 hours - $510
  • 4.5 hours - $545

  • Take 15% off of siblings tri-annual payment. The higher payment prevails. This does not apply to preschool classes.

  • All dancers performing in the recital will be ordered a costume.
  • A deposit of $75 per costume for competitive dance is due October 30th.
  • A deposit of $60 per costume for recreational dance is due October 30th.
  • All balances are due March 1st.
  • Once costumes have been ordered, THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS OR CREDITS.

  • Pre-school - $70.00
  • Kinderdance - $70.00
  • Combodance - $70.00
  • Age levels 5-7 - $70.00
  • Age levels 6-8 - $70.00
  • Age levels 7-9 - $75.00
  • Age levels 9-11 - $75.00
  • Age levels 11-13 - $75.00
  • Age levels 14+ - $75.00